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What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to do the same activities.

What is Energy Efficiency?

We rely on energy throughout our day to heat and light our homes, power our computers and equipment at work, and fuel our vehicles to get where we need to be. Our lives rely on the use of energy and, over time, the amount of energy we use has increased significantly.

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to do the same activities. It can include making small changes in our behaviour to conserve energy, such as turning back the heat at night, or buying products that have been designed to save energy, such as ENERGY STAR appliances.

What are the benefits of energy efficiency?

Improving our energy efficiency can deliver a range of environmental, social and economic benefits:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions - Given the majority of greenhouse gas emissions are produced as a result of burning fossil fuels to generate energy, improving our energy efficiency is a key step for taking action on climate change.
  • Reducing local air pollutants - Burning fossil fuels to generate energy can produce a significant amount of local air pollutants, such as fine particulate matter and chemicals (e.g. sulphur dioxide). These are harmful to human health. Saving energy can reduce those pollutants.
  • Improving business competitiveness - Energy costs affect a business's bottom line. Saving energy can reduce costs and improve a business's competitiveness.
  • Lowering household energy bills - Energy efficiency is the easiest, most affordable and most effective way for families to use energy more wisely and save money on their fuel bill.
  • Increasing comfort - Home heating is a significant expense and some households have difficulty paying to heat their homes to a comfortable level, which can impact the health and comfort of occupants. Energy efficiency can reduce energy costs, while enhancing comfort.

Take Action

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Tackling climate change begins with you. To learn more about taking action, check out the sections of this website for households, businesses, communities and schools.