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putting plastic bottle in recycle bin putting plastic bottle in recycle bin

Reducing Waste in Cape St. George

Small towns can make a big difference in many ways. See how Cape St. George is taking steps to reducing its waste.

Reducing Waste in Cape St. George

Cape St. George, a small town on the west coast of Newfoundland, is taking big steps towards reducing its waste. In 2012, the town established a new collection facility for recyclables and purchased a new garbage truck to offer curbside recycling. The 950 people who live in the town can now conveniently recycle a number of items, such as paper, beverage containers and tin cans. The two schools in the area have been essential to the success of the program as both schools now recycle a huge amount of paper and cardboard.

A community composting program was also established in Cape St. George. The town installed a hot-box system that turns organic waste into compost in only three weeks. Most composting systems take several months to create useable compost, but the hot-box system uses a higher temperature that creates compost faster. Once the compost is ready, residents in Cape St. George are able to take the compost and use it in their gardens.

Within the first year of the program, the residents of Cape St. George reduced their amount of waste sent to landfill by 20%.

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