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Green Procurement

Buying Green! is a guide developed by the the Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency to promote a greater understanding of green procurement practices.

Green Procurement

In 2014, the Government Purchasing Agency and the Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency released Buying Green! A Guide to Purchasing Environmentally Preferable Products. This guide was developed to promote a greater understanding of green procurement practices and how to incorporate environmental considerations into government's procurement process. It supports the Provincial Government's commitment to explore using its procurement power to lower greenhouse gas emissions, promote greater energy efficiency and reduce waste.

Buying Green! A Guide for Purchasing Environmentally Preferable Products

Full Guide (pdf | 2 MB)
Introduction (pdf | 136 KB)
A Green Procurement Primer (pdf | 276 KB)
Integrating Green into Procurement Roles and Processes (pdf | 451 KB)

Reference Sheets and Worksheets

The World of Environmental Performance Labels - Reference Sheet (pdf | 265 KB)
Selecting the Green Issues for your Tender or RFP - Worksheet (pdf | 141 KB)
Measuring Vendor Leadership - Example Questionnaire (pdf | 143 KB)
What to Report when Buying Green - Worksheet Template (pdf | 140 KB)
Defining Green Procurement Terms - Reference Sheet (pdf | 158 KB)


Appendix A:

How to Put Green into Procurement of Buildings and Construction (pdf | 326 KB)

Appendix B: Green Product Factsheets

Appliances (pdf | 175 KB)
IT Equipment (pdf | 152 KB)
Copy Paper (pdf | 171 KB)
Interior Lighting (pdf | 150 KB)
Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies (pdf | 169 KB)
Light Duty Vehicles (pdf | 167 KB)
Office Furniture (pdf | 179 KB)
Waste Hauling & Recycling Service (pdf | 157 KB)
Wood for Construction (pdf | 183 KB)
Flooring (pdf | 178 KB)
Architectural Paint (pdf | 163 KB)
Office Supplies (pdf | 155 KB)
Drinking Water (pdf | 151 KB)
Food and Catering Services (pdf | 225 KB)
Vehicle Consumables (pdf | 172 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs for more information on Buying Green.