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Bring in an Expert

Bring climate change and energy efficiency expertise from across the province into your classroom.

Bring in an Expert

Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador (CCNL)

The CCNL offers free, curriculum-linked, classroom-based presentations about climate change to schools throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. There are two distinct presentations | See more

  • "Who's In Charge of Climate Change?" (Grades K-3) - This presentation is built around a storybook that focuses on the Climate Change Club characters on their quest to find the person in charge of climate change. The story is read aloud to the class, followed by a short presentation and educational activities.
  • "Taking Charge of Climate Change" (Grades 4-12) - This presentation offers a more in-depth discussion about climate change. Students are given background information on the issue and encouraged to make environmentally friendly choices in their everyday lives. Using audience feedback technology, students are actively engaged and encouraged to participate.

Topic: Climate Change
Contact: Megan Stuckless at (709) 729-7279 or


The takeCHARGE program has been delivering presentations about the importance of saving energy to classrooms in Newfoundland and Labrador since 2008. There are two distinct presentations. Both presentations are engaging, fun and interactive, with content, activities and prizes tailored to each group. Each presentation lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. The two presentations are | See more

  • Energy Efficiency Explorers (Grades K-3) - This presentation is designed to help students understand their role in saving energy through demonstrations, videos and dialogue.
  • Energy Efficiency Superheroes (Grades 4-­6) - Building on the information provided in the Explorers presentation, this presentation includes more information on why saving energy is important and what students can do in their day-to-day activities to save energy.

Topic: Energy Efficiency
Contact: (709) 737-5251 or

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB)

The MMSB offers creative and engaging presentations to teach students about the impact waste generation has on the planet and how they can help guide the province to a greener future. There are four distinct presentations: | See more

  • 3Rs to the Rescue! (Grade K-3) - In this activity-based presentation, students take an imaginary tour through the recycling process, put on their detective hats to help solve clues, and learn how to pack a waste-free lunch with a pretend trip to the store.
  • Composting with Worms (Grade 3 - Adaptable) - Through hands-on demonstrations, students learn about decomposer organisms and composting. While designed for Grade 3 Soil Science Students, this presentation can be adapted for any primary grade level.
  • Rethinking Green (Environmental Science 3205 - Adaptable) - Through discussion-based learning, students learn about the impact waste has on the earth and discuss how they can be environmentally responsible citizens. While designed for students of Environmental Science 3205, this presentation can be adapted to any secondary level.
  • Kick-Start Your School Environment Club (K-12) - In this interactive workshop, environment club members will identify their top environmental concerns at school and come up with a plan to green their school. Participants are led through an exercise on developing SMART goals and objectives and provided with tools to guide their school to a greener future.

Topic: Waste Reduction
Contact: 1-800-901-6672 or